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Never be without water again.

Are you prepared? Be prepared for power outages, hurricanes, floods and anything else that could interrupt your water supply. POWERLESS WATER SYSTEMS are a great way to ensure your family, livestock and crops have the water they need. Watson & Johnson specializes in POWERLESS WATER SYSTEMS and you can count on our installation experience to save you money.
In addition to our standard POWERLESS WATER SYSTEM we now offer a SOLAR POWERED SYSTEM. These alternative pumping systems can be retrofitted onto most existing water wells and ensure you will never be without fresh, natural, clean water.

A typical POWERLESS WATER SYSTEM cost 6500 including all taxes and installation. A new SOLAR POWERED SYSTEM which includes all of the components in a standard system with the added solar controls cost 11000 including all taxes and installation. Each system requires an onsite consultation. If you are interested in getting more information about one of these systems of scheduling a FREE no obligation on site consultation with one of our water well experts please email us at


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