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Charles County Well Drilling and Water Well Service

Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc. is Charles County Maryland’s number one well drilling contractor. Founded by Brian Watson, son of veteran Naval Airman Alva Watson Jr. who started drilling wells in Southern Maryland in 1976. The Watson family has been providing drilling services in Charles County for the past three decades. We provide complete well drilling and well services to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients all across Charles County.

We understand that a well of any type is a major investment. If you have any questions call and speak with a licensed master well driller. 301.862.3341

WE OFFER: Water Well Drilling + Water Well Service + Water Testing

Charles County Maryland water well drilling information

A water well is a structure created in the ground by drilling to access naturally filtered groundwater in underground pressurized aquifers. All of the wells we install are artesian water wells and we drill them with a method known as mud rotary drilling. Our wells are then screened, filter packed, cased, grouted and finally connected to a high quality water system of your choice. Our water wells are designed and engineered to last a lifetime. A typical modern residential water well is drawn by a submersible pump or jet pump system. Most of the residential wells we drill in Charles County are built and designed with a 4.5″ upper well casing. Charles County water wells can vary greatly in depth, water volume, and water quality depending on the exact location of your property and the location of the well on the property.

A typical water well is a 6 step process.

1. Schedule your FREE onsite consultation by calling our office today at 301.862.3341

2. Acquire necessary state and local permits

3. Schedule and drill well

4. Installation of a submersible water well pump, tank and all water system components.

5. Clean, test and certify your new water well.

6. Start using and drinking your water!

Partnering with an experienced local contractor like Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc. on your next project only makes sense. We provide fast, efficient, and clean water well drilling services for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. We know the land and we know the water. Our goal is to provide the best possible service you can get. Tell us how we can help you.

Charles County Maryland geothermal well drilling information

Geothermal well drilling refers to the process or drilling vertical bore holes, installing ground loop systems and grouting the bore holes to support the installation of a geothermal ground source heat pump. Believe it or not, the ground beneath your feet is being used by millions to heat and air condition their homes. Geothermal heating and cooling is 4 times as efficient, costs less to operate, and can be a smart investment.

Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc. provides comprehensive residential and commercial geothermal drilling services in Charles County. We are always looking for new HVAC geothermal contracting partners. If you need an estimate for your next geothermal drilling project in Charles County Maryland give us a call.

Geothermal well drilling resources

ENERGY.GOV – Geothermal Information
WIKIPEDIA REFERENCE – Geothermal heat pump


Do you own a home or property in Charles County that needs a new water well, a replacement water well, a geothermal well or water well service ? Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc. provides complete well drilling service to the following areas of Charles County Maryland.

  • Benedict Maryland water well drilling
  • Bennsville Maryland water well drilling
  • Bryans Road Maryland water well drilling
  • Bryantown Maryland water well drilling
  • Cobb Island Maryland water well drilling
  • Hughesville Maryland water well drilling
  • Indian Head Maryland water well drilling
  • La Plata Maryland water well drilling
  • Pomfret Maryland water well drilling
  • Port Tobacco Maryland water well drilling
  • Potomac Heights Maryland water well drilling
  • Riverview Village Maryland water well drilling
  • Rock Point Maryland water well drilling
  • Saint Charles Maryland water well drilling
  • Waldorf Maryland water well drilling
  • Warington Hills Maryland water well drilling

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