Saint Mary’s County Water Well Drilling

St. Mary’s County Water Well Drilling

If you need a water well in Saint Mary’s County Maryland, call the local top rated experts at Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc.. We are Saint Mary’s County Maryland’s number one well drilling contractor. Founded by Brian Watson, son of veteran Naval Airman Alva Watson Jr. who started drilling wells in Southern Maryland in 1976. The Watson family has been providing drilling services in Saint Mary’s County for over four decades. We provide complete water well drilling and water well services to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients all across Saint Mary’s County.. Get a FREE quote on a new well today.

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FREE Well Estimate

Every Customer in St. Mary’s County gets a FREE no obligation quote on a new or replacement water well. Call and schedule your quote today.

New Water Well

If you need a new water well at your home or property in St. Mary’s County give our team a call today. We know the land and we know the water.

Replacement Water Well

If you have an existing water well in St. Mary’s County that needs to be replaced call us today. We can select a new well location and seal your old well.

St. Mary’s County Water Wells

A water well is a structure created in the ground by drilling to access naturally filtered groundwater in underground pressurized aquifers. All of the wells we install are artesian water wells and we drill them with a method known as mud rotary drilling. Our wells are then screened, filter packed, cased, grouted and finally connected to a high quality water system of your choice. Our water wells are designed and engineered to last a lifetime. A typical modern residential water well is drawn by a submersible pump or jet pump system. Most of the residential wells we drill in St. Mary’s County are built and designed with a 4.5″ upper well casing and always include a standard submersible pump or constant pressure variable speed pump. St. Mary’s County water wells can vary greatly in depth, water volume, and water quality depending on the exact location of your property and the location of the well on the property. For that reason it’s important to choose a contractor with experience. We also offer solar and hand powered pumps that can give you water even during a power outage.

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variable speed constant pressure system water well

Deeper wells. Better water. Call Watson.

Partnering with an experienced local contractor like Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc. on your next project only makes sense. We provide fast, efficient, and clean water well drilling services for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. We know the land and we know the water. Our goal is to provide the best possible service you can get. Tell us how we can help you.

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Calvert County Well Drilling

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Charles County Well Drilling

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Upgrade your Water System

Upgrade your current well with a modern constant pressure system or add on a powerless or solar powered pump option. Call out team today to discuss your well needs.

Constant PRESSURE systems

Constant pressure systems provide perfect pressure no matter how much you use your water. Get a FREE quote started today.

  • More efficient.

  • Longer lasting.

  • Soft start motor technology.

  • Space saving water tank

Powerless Pump systems

Never go without water again. Hand pump and solar systems can deliver water with pressure even during a power outage.

  • Never go without water.

  • Ability to pressurize your entire house.

  • Manual or solar options available.

  • Add on to any artesian well

“I want to drill your water well.”

My name is Brian Watson. I am the owner of Watson Pump & Well Drilling Inc.. I want to drill your new well and I promise your going to love ❤️ your water 💧. Call our office today and schedule a free estimate with me for your new water well. If your having problems with an existing well or pump I can help with that too! Just call or email me anytime! – 301.862.3341

Brian Watson
Master Well Driller

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